Belgian Baby Nadieh

On March 6th 1988 Nadieh, her two children Nadie and Rafi and her manager and best friend Inge, visited the first birthday of the very first girl named after her. Nadieh Verhoest was born on March 4th 1987. The parents of little Nadieh Verhoest from Antwerp, Belgium, Geert and Annick Verhoest wrote Nadieh a letter. And she thought this was so special, that she went to Belgium. Nowadays many, many Dutch girls are named Nadieh. When Nadieh was in Belgium she also visited the radiostudio Ufo-Columbia.

Later Annick and Geert visited the Dutch Wisseloord Studio's where Nadieh recorded her albums and watched a concert.

Thanks to Haye to collect these pictures from Nadieh Verhoest.


Nadieh & the very first babygirl Nadieh
Nadie Reyhani, Nadieh's daughter holding one year old Nadieh Verhoest
Nadieh is leaving Belgium again
The little boy is Nadieh's son Rafi
Inge Jagt working at the Dutch Wisseloord Studio's
Geert Verhoest at the Dutch Wisseloord Studio's