Video Screenshots

A beautiful live performance of the song 'Naked' on the German NDR Talk Show (March 20th, 1992), watch it here.
Thanks to Nadie who gave us the videotape and Haye who made it suitable for the internet.



Never published videoshots of the song 'Wonderful World', made in 1992 for a tv special about Good Friday, called 'De Opdracht. Watch this very rare and exclusive filmmaterial here



In 1988 and 1990 the Dutch TV network Veronica showed the programme "Mijn eerste keer". This means 'My first time'. In this programme children told about the first time they ever did something, like for instant do Judo sporting. Nadieh sung the never recorded song called "Meneer Takkie uit Japan". We never heard of this before until Inge told us about this funny song.
Thanks to Marco who sent us the video and Haye van den Oever who made it suitable for this website.
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This is a young Karin in the band De Dupe with Kees Buenen, singing the song 'Terug naar af' during the TV Show Op volle Toeren at a water sport's center called Ottenhome in Loosdrecht on July 12th 1983.