18th of March 2020

Due to various problems with computer and computerprogrammes we weren't able to renew this website. We are very sorry about this.
7th of September 2018

Today Nadieh would have turned 60 years old. She would have been a grandmother of 3!
  6th of January 2018

Bart passed away. He had cancer.
5th of April 2017

Today it is exactely 20 years ago that Nadieh passed away in the evening at a hospital in Utrecht on Good Friday. We still miss her.
19th of October 2016

Tanya had a lovely meeting with Nadieh's children Rafi and Nana. See a larger picture here.
6th of October 2016

A lot of people ask us where they can still buy Nadieh's CD's, singles and LP's. We will give you an overview of the websites where you can find it al. Please read the blog with information from Haye.
Nadieh 5th of April 2015

Today it has been 19 years that Nadieh passed away. She still lives in many of our hearts. One woman, Jo, wrote us an e-mail today and on Facebook a man posted a Youtube clip. Look here.
12th of December 2014

In this live appearance of the BB Band with the song 'Stille Willie' you can see Nadieh singing, playing the guitar and having much fun. Watch it here.
12th of December 2014

In this live appearance of the BB Band with the song 'Stille Willie' you can see Nadieh singing, playing the guitar and having much fun. Watch it here.
12th of December 2014

Ad van Roozendaal wrote us a funny letter about his working together with Nadieh. Read it here. He is a soundtechnician in the city of Schijndel. This is his website.
12th of December 2014

This is an interview in the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf from August 14th 1991. Read it here. Haye found it in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, thank you Haye!
12th of December 2014

This is an interview in the Dutch newspaper Limburgs Dagblad of 28th of April 1988. Read it here. Haye found it in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, thank you Haye!
12th of December 2014

This is an interview in the Dutch newspaper Limburgs Dagblad of October 28th 1986. Read it here. Haye found it in the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, thank you Haye!
25th of November 2014

It's that time of year again: you can vote for the song Windforce 11 in the Dutch radio Top 2000! GO HERE
23th of November 2014
Wouter Bessels from Emmen writes why he loves Nadieh, read his comment HERE
5th of April 2014

It has been 18 years today, that Nadieh died in a hospital in Utrecht. She may not be with us, but her music is. And we are thankful for that. Nadieh would have been a grandmother by now, a few months ago her daughter had her first child, a son named Raaf.
5th of December 2013

Please vote for songs of Nadieh in the TOP 2000. Go to this link.
27th of November 2013
We have a very very exclusive new audio promotion of 'Company of Fools', spoken words by Nadieh herself! A fan was allowed to copy the mastertape when he visited the Wisseloord Studio's. That proves how exclusive this is! Listen here. Thank you Haye.
7th of October 2013
Haye found a special television appearance we've never seen before! A live performance of "Special Love" on 14th of August 1989. Watch it here.
23th of September 2013
Today, at the age of 55, Nadieh would have become a grandmother! Her daughter Nadie (31) has a healthy son: Raaf. Congratulations Nadie!
7th of September 2013
Today is Nadieh's birthday. She would have become 55 years old. Friends from the Rhenoy neighbourhood have visited her grave in Rhenoy and left some lovely flowers. We visited Rhenoy and the grave, and here you see the photo.
6th of May 2013
Nadieh singing a medley with Sandra Reemer and Willeke Alberti at the CD Awards with Henny Huisman on September 12th 1988. This is so funny!! Thank you Haye. Watch it here.
24th of April 2013
One of the best LIVE performances on tv of Nadieh EVER. At the talkshow Jansen & Co November 19th 1991. 'Southern Light'! Thanks Haye. Watch it here.
24th of April 2013
LIVE the beautiful song 'After all' with Leoni Jansen and Manon van Veenendaal, Nadieh's sister. At the talkshow Jansen & Co November 19th 1991. Brings you to tears. Thanks Haye. Watch it here.
13th of April 2013
Today the newspaper AD/Haagsche Courant published a portrait of radio DJ Alfred Lagarde. Alfred was the brother of Nadieh's sister in law.
12th of April 2013
A thrilling LIVE version of 'Green Eyes' at the CD Awards tv show on September 12th 1988. After this song, Nadieh won the award for best female vocalist. Nadieh wrote this song for her best friend Inge Jagt. Watch it here. Thank you so much, Haye!
12th of April 2013
Patrick Meis, nephew of Nadieh has made a new album called 'Not even in a hundred years'. Watch an interview with him here.
Just like his niece Nadieh he says: "Music can change the world, because songs speak from heart to heart."
12th of April 2013
Italian singer Gianna Nannini is performing in Paradiso, Amsterdam on May 28th. Nadieh met her in Japan, was impressed and this caused Nadieh to make a rockalbum: No way back. Tickets are 54 euro's.
11th of April 2013
New video! Nadieh's LIVE performance of Katoozazaï on the talkshow Columbus, hosted by Frank Kramer (March 11th, 1988). Before singing, she explains what it's about: "Self-consciousness. I think that people have a lot of good things in them, if you conjure them to the surface, everyone can benefit from them." Thanx Haye.
10th of April 2013
In a special about Hans Vermeulen, a singer and co-producer of Nadieh's debut Land of Tá, they showed a few slides of a performance of Nadieh in TopPop. This was on TV 23th of March 2013. Watch it here, it comes after 22 minutes.
9th of April 2013
We found a photograph on the internet, signed by Nadieh for Fritz van Duinen she knew from the Wisseloord Studio's. She wrote a joke on it: "If I were married to you, I'd be 20 kilo's heavier." Watch it here.
9th of April 2013
There are now two versions of video's of Katoozazaï on YouTube. One contains pyramids and a sun, the other doesn't contain any artwork. Watch the one without the artwork here. And the video with the artwork here.
5th of April 2013
Today is the exact date that Nadieh died 17 years ago. That's why we have a special surprise for all the fans: a beautiful new black and white photograph. I'ts a screenshot from the documentary we published last. Thanks to Haye.
30th of March 2013
A beautiful and touching interview with Nadieh's daughter Nadie about her mother and her mother's song Windforce 11. Watch it here. (In Dutch.) Thanks to Haye.
29th of March 2013
Today, it's Good Friday. On april 5th 1996 on Good Friday, Nadieh passed away in a hospital in Utrecht. Nadieh was 37 years old. This year, it's been 17 years that her loved ones and her fans lost her. Nadieh's daughter Nadie Reyhani recently made a new song with Dolf Jansen: 'Het komt goed'.

20th of December 2012
Windforce 11 has dramatically dropped with 249 places this year in the Top2000, from spot 1647 to 1896. There can be two reasons for this. I had for instance technical problems to vote for the song. And there was a new system that you could no longer vote in alphabetical order but more freely.


7th of September 2012

Today Nadieh would have turned 54 years old. To celebrate this, Nadieh's former best friend and former manager Inge put a picture of the both of them visiting Japan on Inge's Facebook. This resulted in a lot of warm reactions.


1st of March 2012

With a sold out concert at the Amsterdam Melkweg Nadie Reyhani presented her debut album SOON. Watch the beautiful photos of Esmee Burgersdijk here.

Nadie Reyhani

26th of January 2012
Nadieh's daughter has a brandnew website and her CD "Soon" will be out on 29th of february!
Check her site: and the new video "Sudden Flashback" HERE.

Nadieh 9th of December 2011
Nadieh's biggest hit "Windforce 11" is at place 1647in the popular Top 2000. Last year it was at place 1943. This means that this is te best result since 2004!!!
Here is a brandnew video of "Windforce 11" in the TV programme TopPop. Thank you Haye.

5th of April 2011

Today, it's been fourteen years that Nadieh passed away. Many of us still miss her a lot. To comfort you, here is a brandnew video of "Turn me Loose" in the TV programme CountDown that Haye donates to this site. Thank you Haye.


27th of March 2011
Another hidden treasure suddenly found it's way to our website! Artist Andras Mebius interviewed Nadieh in the winter of 1991-1992 for the Studenten Krant. You can read the article here. Andras made three very nice photos at Wisseloord. Look here. You can visit Andras' site here. THANK YOU ANDRAS!


14th of January 2011
Annie Schonkeren made her own video with the music of Windforce 11 for YouTube and she got a lot of enthusiastic reactions. Watch it here.
A lot of people compare the song with Mike Oldfield's Moonlight Shadow. Watch that here.


25th of December 2010
Unfortunally Nadieh's hit single Windforce 11 has dropped in the Top 2000 from 1785 to 1943. The highest place ever was 1127. The good news is that the song was broadcasted at a good moment: first christmas day between 4 and 5 PM.
Watch this beautiful new clip of Katoozazaï! (Thanks Haye.)


7th of September 2010

Today Nadieh would have thrown a big party for family and friends, because she would have turned 52 years old. To celebrate this birthday, we present to you screenshots and two new videos of Naked & Wonderful World! Have a blast! (Thanks to Haye & Nadie.)


23d of April 2010

New translations and a new interpretation.


9th of April 2010
The name Nadieh means 'caller'. Nadieh wrote a song 'Little Caller' for her daughter Nadie. We want to dedicate the lyrics of this duet with Hans Vermeulen to Nadieh Schrama. Read it here.
The song is not available on any CD or record.


7th of April 2010
Each year on april 5th, we remember Nadieh's dying day. She died in 1996. Two months after Nadieh's passing away in 1996 a babygirl was born and named after her: Nadieh Schrama. Now in 2010, this 13 year old girl died in an accident on april 7th. Two days after Nadieh's dying day.


5th of April 2010
Today it's been 13 years that Nadieh passed away on Good Friday. She was only 37 years old. We still miss her. But we have a magical legacy: her music.

Nadieh's good friend Bart Sloothaak sent us this week his Top 14, watch it here.


30th of March 2010
New page: song translations;
New page: song interpretations;
New blog about the Joan Baez concert;
New reactions of fans;
New Top 10 of fan Zhenya


14th of March 2010
Nadie sings beautiful duets with James Cottrial (UK). Her debut album Small prayers by night will be released in may or september 2010. There are rumours about an acoustic tour with Nadie and her aunt Manon, who has been her sister Nadieh's background singer for years. Watch Nadie's song I like to on YouTube. Spicy lyrics!


December 2009
In the Top 2000 of Radio 2 Nadieh's song Windforce 11 has dropped a few places, from 1708 to 1785. The highest place it has been on, was 1127 in the year 2000.


October 2009
Nadie is on the cover of the Dutch homeless paper HAAGS STRAATNIEUWS. In a 2 page interview she tells amongst other things about her mother Nadieh. If you want to order a newspaper, e-mail to:


16th of June 2009
Big headlines: Nadieh's little niece model Sylvie Meis has breastcancer. Nadieh also died of breastcancer and lungembolism in 1996. Nadieh's father was the brother of Sylvie's grandfather.


5th of April 2009
Today it has been exactely 13 years that Nadieh passed in a hospital in Utrecht. Henk Huibregts sent us a recent photo of her grave. Watch it here.


12th of March 2009
Photographer Peter Smulders has placed new photos on his website of Nadieh's funeral in Rhenoy.


8th of February 2009
Nadieh had three songs in this year's Radio West Top 500. Windforce 11 placed on number 83, Words on number 260 and Katoozazaï on 418.


21st of January 2009
Today radio DJ Harrie Jansen sent us a poem Nadieh wrote in 1989 for his daughter Maureen.
Listen to the radio interview Harrie had with Nadieh on ORVA radio!

15th of January 2009
A few concert photos of Nadie we received a long time ago from Esmee Burgersdijk are now finally shown on this website. ENJOY!

1st of January 2009
Barbara Lee, the wife of Larry Lee, the famous producer who produced Nadieh's third album No Way Back, sent us two nice pictures of Nadieh with Larry and Bart Sloothaak and Larry. Watch them here.


29th of December 2008
Due to technical problems we couldn't publish these two pictures sooner: Nadieh rehearsing at the Budokan Hall in 1987 and Nadieh visiting the fair with Inge. Thank you Inge!


15th of December 2008
The best news ever! Just like last year, AGAIN Nadieh's hitsingle Windforce 11 went up in the Top 2000. This year from place 1743 to 1708!
And Barbara Lee, the wife of producer Larry Lee contacted us: she has stories, demo's and pictures for us! We can't wait!


28th of October 2008
We visited Annebel, an old neighbourgirl of Nadiehs in Rhenoy.
We also received some lovely pictures of the first babygirl ever named after Nadieh and how she was visited by Nadieh.


1st of October 2008
Inge has sent us some special pictures of Nadieh at the Budokan Hall in Japan, at the fair with Inge and in the studio with Larry Lee. Thank you so much Inge!! And here you see an interview and pictures of Nadie. This was at her first appearance in The Hagues which Haye and I visited.


7th of September 2008
Today, just like Madonna and Michael Jackson last month, Nadieh would have turned FIFTY! Half a century! CONGRATULATIONS!!


30th of August 2008
In the Amsterdam edition of the morning paper METRO, Nadie had a whole page interview in wich she talked about her mother. Read it here. She also had a whole page in NL20 and NL70 and a very small piece in AD/Haagsche Courant today.

12th of August 2008
Marco sent us a few videos we had not ever seen before, we didn't even know they existed...Haye van den Oever made us awesome screenshots: look at our new page video screenshots!

19th of April 2008
On the internet Haye found a very special promotion CDVIDEO of Nadieh. Look at side 1 and side 2. And a single of The Dupe, look at our collector's items.
On a website about graveyard stones, someone published a photo of Nadieh's grave.

19th of Juli 2008
Haye van den Oever has made a screenshot of an old television programme Klassewerk, where Nadieh did two songs: Windforce 11 and Lovers Eyes.
On her MySpace Nadie has beautiful a clip of her mother's song Castles, just scroll down long enough. Nadie will perform in Paradiso, Amsterdam.
6th of April 2008
Hugo van Bolhuis was interviewed on Radio Rijnwoude about him being a bahá'i' and he told on the radio that is has been exactely 12 years yesterday since his friend Nadieh died. They played the song 'Splendid Morning' on the radio. Hugo was a musician in the band Great Day.
5th of April 2008
Today it has been exactely 12 years that Nadieh died on Good Friday, the 5th of april 1996. Nadieh died when she was 37, she would have been 49 now if she were still among us. (Which she is, some believe...)
25th of February 2008
Today Nadieh's best friend in highschool Femmy sent us a few adorable pictures. One of a shy Nadieh and one with herself and Nadieh's first love Onno (who died of an accident when they were dating) taken in Mirakel in Leiden where they used to go out.
15th of February 2008
The very last photo by Marc Bolsius and article published of Nadieh in 1996... Haye van den Oever found this in the Brabants Dagblad. It was published on the day that Nadieh burried her father. Three months later Nadieh died.
16th of January 2008
Nadie has a video on YouTube: The Feet Song!
14th of January 2008
Due to all the hard work of Haye van den Oever a new Nadieh video is online: WONDERFUL WORLD! Watch it here. It's also for the world to see on YouTube. A very young Nadie is in this video.
Want to see more video's? Look here.
1st of January 2008
Today it has been 10 years since wellknown radio DJ Alfred Lagarde passed away. He was Nadieh's brother in law. Arrow Classic Rock will pay a tribute to him.
26th of December 2007
The song Windforce 11 is 200 places higher now in the Top 2000 of all time!! Last year it was on number 1929 and now it is in place 1743! So a lot of people voted!! You can hear the song on the second Christmas Day between 5 PM and 6 PM. Look here for more info.
22th of December 2007
Today radio DJ Dick Verheul plays Windforce 11 dedicated to me in his radioshow that will be aired on Radio Caroline. He is also webmaster of of Alfred Lagarde who was family of Nadieh.

20th of December 2007
Today Haye van den Oever edited a new clip: Nana. Watch it here. The song is made for Nadieh's daughter Nadie. Nadie asks her mother for comfort in her newest song I am not like you. Nadieh sings in this particular video: "Nana, it's gonna be okay...".


19th of December 2007
We're grateful that Nadieh's husband Mr. Reyhani gave us today a very special chance to make a photograph at his house of a unique piece of art made by Nadieh herself. It's an 'eye on the waves'. Look here.


17th of December 2007
You can vote for NADIE to go to Lowlands!! Vote here.

On her Myspace account you can listen to the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful new song I am not like you.

9th of December 2007
Sam Murray, an old boyfriend of Nadieh's, sent us wonderful pictures of young Nadieh, when she was still Karin. So pure... Really lovely. Watch it here. And find out who Sam is... Thank you so much, Sam!
2nd of December 2007
John Tesselaar sent us a copy of an autograph on his booklet of Land of Tá. Look at it here.
30th of November 2007
Untill friday the 30th of november 2007at 8 o'clock PM you can vote for the song Windforce 11 to climb the Top 2000. Be quick and click here.
25th of November 2007
Nadie gave a magical concert at the Wilhelmina Pakhuis Café. She sung a duet (Crazy Love of Van Morrison) with her aunt Manon, sister of Nadieh. Look at some wonderful pictures made by Esmee Burgersdijk and others.
20th of November 2007
Lody Meis, the nephew of Nadieh, will have an album out in 2008. First two songs of his will be featured on an album of the UVW.
25th of November 2007
The 17th of November (Nadie's birthday!!) between 4-6 pm the English Radio Caroline aired Nadie's song Sudden Flashback and DJ Marc Jacobs told listeners to go to the concert the 25th if they would be in The Netherlands.
6th of November 2007
Nadie has made the coolest poster for her big showcase at the Wilhelmina Pakhuis at 4 o'clock PM in Amsterdam. Look at it! And look at the poster for her gig at Café Tabac.
5th of November 2007
NADIE has radio interviews and lots of gigs. 25th of november you can go to the Wilhelmina Pakhuis at 4 o'clock PM in Amsterdam. The long interview in late night radio show Het Goede Leven of the KRO , you can hear here.
25th of october 2007
Show- and artist manager Jan Vis (69) has died. He was famous for getting the Rolling Stones to Den Bosch. He was also booking agent for Nadieh's former BB Band. When she wanted to go solo, he told her that her music was fantastic but not catchy or popular enough. She left then.
27th of september 2007
DJ Johan van Slooten told us that saturday the 29th of september between 14-17 o'clock Land of Tá is the "Nederklassieker" in the programma De Noord-Hollandse Muziekmiddag on Radio Noord Holland. Three songs will be aired, every hour, half past. You can listen live:
7th of september 2007
Today Nadieh would have celebrated her 49th birthday.
6th of september 2007
TV Gelderland shot an item about Nadieh, filmed at her grave with comments of her daughter Nadie. Watch it here
It starts at 20:20 min.
8th of august 2007
All you LUCKY FANS! We've got wonderful photographs made by Frans de la Cousine from Den Bosch and a few articles.
Also we would love to publish YOUR comments on why you like Nadieh on this site. Email your story to
19th of july 2007
Oscar Sinneker sent us 3 photographs of his family and him meeting Nadié at Spijkerrok in Arnhem
Andy Kalff was a neighbour of Nadieh in Rhenoy, he sent us an autograph signed for him.
There is a Nadieh hyve for girls named after her!!!!!!
14th of june 2007
Erik de Ruiter has sent us a cd with press articles and an autograph. Because we are very busy, the articles will be published on this site in a few weeks. To the left a photo from the respected Dutch music magazine OOR. Erik is also a radio DJ and he will make a radio documentary about Nadieh.
9th of june 2007
Look at pictures of the radioshow. The show was a success with guests Kees Buenen, Marcel van Rooijen, Adrie Gloudemans, Joseph Schamp and Nadié Reyhani.
6th of june 2007
The tension becomes bigger and bigger...this friday 8th of June you can listen to a 3 hour special about Nadieh on Boschtion. Guests are Kees Buenen, Marcel van Rooijen, Joseph Schamp and Tanya van der Spek. Look at the press release. Friday you can Listen on the internet.
  29th of may 2007
A black day in the post Nadieh era: the Nadieh Foundation site is no longer available. This was the most complete and famous Nadieh website with lots of reactions of fans, with lots of magazine articles and photo's.
June 3d you can visit Nadiè's CD presentation in Maastricht.
22nd of may 2007
Inge had again 'one of her moods' she wrote, and that means she's been scanning and scanning fabulous personal photographs of her time in Japan with Nadieh. Thank you so much Inge, and may your moods go on and on!
And Haye, thanks for the press releases!
18th of may 2007
Nadieh's music seems to have an attraction on especially young children under 5... One girl I know imitates the Windforce 11 video (even the running) and sings the song loudly on the streets and the other little girl does the dancing and singing like in Lovers Eyes at the Edison Awards...


17th of may 2007
21 people have been interviewed for the biography. Now the focus of the research has switched to the Dutch music business during the 80-ies and 90-ies. of Nadieh's daughter is no longer online. Now go to her myspace website

8th of may 2007
There have probably been sold over 2000 pieces of Go Stand! Yay! Also Land of Tá is selling well.

Friday 8th of June 2007 Radio Boschtion will broadcast a 3 hour special about Nadieh! From 9 pm CET till midnight.


29th of april 2007
A good friend from Nadieh's youth, Marja, gave us a special note and press articles and handwritten poems!
Also Hugo van Bolhuis gave us special poems and songs and a nice picture of a summercamp.


17th of april 2007
Inge found us two old TV tunes of cartoon series that Nadieh made, watch it on YouTube: Dommel in 1989 and Bobobobs in 1988.


5th and 6th of april 2007
These two days we remember that Nadieh passed away for 11 years now. On Good Friday, the 5th of april 1996. Today Good Friday is on the 6th of april 2007. Nadieh died when she was 37, she would have been 48 now.


3d of april 2007
We have two new radio interviews (in Dutch) and t-shirts!
25th of march 2007
Jeffrey Willems played Windforce 11 today in his AVRO radioshow Het Steenen Tijdperk and he tells a little bit about Nadieh in Dutch. Listen here.



22nd of march 2007
Thanks to Haye van den Oever we have a lot of Japanese cd's to show on our collector's items page.

On the Foundation site are now part of songs of 'Go Stand'



19th of march 2007
We have our first international entry (US) in the guestbook.
Nadiè has fabulous new mixes and pictures on her myspace website. The Gate is magical and should be out on single!
A few Japanese fans on a blog want information about Nadieh, but I can't seem to reach them due to technical errors.



27th of february 2007
We received very special contributions from Inge Jagt who joined Nadieh to Japan. Personal pictures, a personal fax and more... Go to the Japan page.



26th of february 2007
Paul Smit's professional Nadieh website contains beautiful new photographs of Govert de Roos. Go to


"op weg naar huis te luisteren toen een lied van Nadieh gedraaid werd: Windforce 11"

24th of february 2007
The guestbook of the Nadieh Foundation website has many new entries!


23th of february 2007
From this day on three of Nadieh's video's can be watched on the worldwide very populair music website YouTube. Thanks to Haye van den Oever and Paul Smit.


February 2007
The second album of Nadieh's daughter Nadiè and band, called 'Sudden Flashback' will be out soon. Four songs you can already hear here:


12th of february 2007
Today Nadieh's oldest brother Edu Meis was cremated. He had cancer for six months and had a heart infarct. We wish the familymembers all the strength they need.


February 2007
There is a biography being written about Nadieh, her life and work. Do you have comments? Send an e-mail to the writer:



January 2007
Five songs of Nadieh are listed on the Radio West Top 500. Windforce 11 at the 53d place. In week 6 'Go Stand' was the CD of the week at Radio West.


26th of January 2007
Dutch women's magazine Zij aan Zij publishes an article about Nadieh and her new CD 'Go Stand'.


13th of January 2007
Newspaper AD Haagsche Courant publishes an article about Nadieh and her new CD 'Go Stand'.


January 2007
The Nadieh Foundation has brought out a second album with unknown songs, since Nadieh has died in 1996. This one is called 'Go Stand'. Go buy this at the Nadieh Foundation site.


December 2006
Windforce 11 is still part of the Dutch radio Top 2000 of all time at number 1929. In 2005 on 1806. In 2004 the song was placed as 1613th. In 2003 it was placed as number 1677. It's going downhill, so please people, vote!


All of 2006
Two regional radiostations broadcast Nadieh specials. Veluwe FM at april 22nd.
Nadieh's friends and familymembers are being interviewed for a biography.